The National Dominican American Council Appoints New Board Members

Washington, DC (December 30, 2016) — The Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR) and the National Dominican American Council (NDAC) announced today the appointments of new members to their respective national boards of directors.

“We are pleased to welcome a new leadership cadre from across the United States and its territories to help us advance DANR & NDAC’s joined mission of advocating for the socio-economic and political advancement of Latinos and Dominicans in the United States of America,” said Claribel Martinez-Marmolejos, DANR President.

“I would like to welcome these select group of leaders who have taken a step forward to advocate for the realization of our collective national and local empowerment advocacy agendas,” said DANR Vice President Alejandro Benjamin.

“Our quest is to protect civil rights, human rights, constitutional rights and policies and opportunities empowering people, no matter their race, party affiliation, social status, gender, sexual orientation, religion or nationality,” said Nestor Montilla, Sr., DANR & NDAC Chairman. “We invite you to join us in congratulating these diverse leaders who, by joining our boards, demonstrate their commitment to advance the interests of our community and to make the United States a more inclusive and perfect Union for all.”

DANR 2017-18 National Board of Directors

Executive Board
President Claribel Martinez-Marmolejos, President
Nestor Montilla, Sr., Chairman
Dr. Alejandro Benjamin, Sr. Vice President
Dr. Miguel Hernandez, MD, Vice President

National Board Members
Raul Acosta, Connecticut
Prof. Jose Aleman, Rhode Island
Tony Barros, Boston, Massachusetts
Rev. Alvin Bridgewater, Upstate New York
Ernie Dominguez, Esq., Maryland
Fiordaliza Frias, Florida
Heidy Hernandez, New Jersey
Antonio Martinez, Esq., New York
Ana Medina, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla
Dan-el Padilla, Ph.D., New York
Francesca Pena, Dominican Republic
Janna Rodriguez, Youth National President
Augusto Suarez, Youth Vice President
America Schroh-Tavarez, Florida
Seny Taveras, Esq., New York
Nestor Guarien Taveras-Sepulveda, Puerto Rico
Franklin Ventura, Youth Vice President

Corporation Counsel: Patricia Bombelyn, Esq.


NDAC 2017-18 Board of Directors

Nestor Montilla, Sr., Chairman

NDAC State & Regional Board Members

Alexander Bejarán, Puerto Rico
Victor Coronado, New Jersey
Alberto Correa, Ph.D., Puerto Rico
Jose Cruz, New York
Juana Edmond, New Jersey
Peter Fontanes, New York
Leodany Inojosa, Puerto Rico
Santiago Matias, Massachusetts
Johanny Mendez, New Jersey
Sarita Montilla, Pennsylvania
Belkis Peña, Rhode Island
Ana Perdomo, Massachusetts
Hector Ramirez, Bronx, New York
Mildred E. Rojas Disla, New Jersey
Delfin Vasquez, Pennsylvania

Advisor: Ing. Francisco “Pachin” Ramirez

About DANR
The Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR) is the only national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in Washington, DC, advocating for the socio-economic and civic development of Dominicans in the United States. DANR is presided over by a National Board of Directors led by an executive committee composed of a president, a vice president, a youth president, a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary.

About NDAC
El Concilio Nacional Dominico-Americano (NDAC) es un órgano de apoderamiento y participación cívica fungiendo en los Estados Unidos en trabajo mancomunado con la Mesa Redonda Nacional Dominico-Americana (DANR) y entidades progresistas. NDAC, dirigido por una junta nacional de directores presidida por un Chairman, está compuesto por concilios locales y regionales establecidos con la función de abogar por el avance socioeconómico y político de los dominicanos en los Estados Unidos y sus territorios, incluyendo Puerto Rico y las Islas Vírgenes Americanas.

The National Dominican American Council (NDAC) is a civic-community-engagement and public relations entity composed of local member councils in the United States and territories, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, with the role of setting the national agenda and working jointly with the Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR) and progressive entities advocating for the socio-economic and political enfranchisement of all Latinos and Dominican-Americans in areas concerning education, economic development, health, immigration and community empowerment.

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National Dominican American Council (NDAC)
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